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Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a list of typical questions we have received on our contact page.

Q. How many restaurants and grocery stores are there and where does DineHere get this information?

A. At this time Thursday December 18, 2014 : 19:27:40 EST there are 20634 88077 restaurants listed as either verified or unverified on (these numbers change continuously as we remove those Restaurants that close down and add new ones that open).
This data comes from several sources: Restaurant or Food Store representatives add their Restaurants to the DineHere network by following the link at the top left corner of our main site. Patrons recommend the addition of a restaurant or food store. We also spider the web to confirm the existence of these new additions and to add/remove new/old Restaurants. If more than 3 sources confirm the existence of a given Restaurant at a given location, we will add it to our database in unverified status.
We are very strict when it comes to what restaurants or food stores we elevate to 'verified' status. Only those that are actively maintained by the management of the Restaurant in question are considered 'Verified'. Quality of information is more important than quantity.

Q. How long has been around?

A. was released in a "beta" test version on November 2004. Then on January 17, 2005 it went live.

Q. How many visitors do you get on a daily basis?

A. Tens of thousands of web surfers come to our pages every day to find a good place to dine in, or a food store to shop. We track our netizen's visits to determine the most popular Restaurant pages. For instance, the of Ba-Dar which is located at 7321 E Broadway Blvd Tucson AZ just had their 13th visitor - you.

Q. Do restaurants or food stores have to pay to have their web pages hosted in your directory?

A. No.
We are offering free listing and "self-service" web design services via our "web building tool" which gives users with little technical expertise the ability to create a typical restaurant of food store web site, complete with a menu or flyer, hours of operation, description, pictures and slideshows, notices, maps etc...
We also offer a premium subscription service for those Restaurants wanting to advertise on the DineHere network as featured Restaurants and customize their websites with additional pages and promotions. These Restaurants are displayed on our search pages as 'featured'.

Q. Why do you display google ads at the bottom of some of your listings?

A. Currently we rely on sponsors such as google to cover our basic operational costs.

Q. How do you ensure that the information you are displaying about restaurants and grocery stores is correct?

A. We make the best effort to ensure that on a continous basis, using both automated processes and human involvement. Ensuring information quality is a challenge however.
New Restaurants and Grocery Stores open and old ones close down on a regular basis, some change their address, etc...
  Those restaurants or food stores that regularly update and verify the information on their DineHere are elevated to "Verified" status.
Other Restaurants, for example those that are recommended by the public, are considered "UnVerified".
We hope to eventually have all the business information on our directory in "verified" status.
You can help us better achieve this goal by telling your local food businesses about our service.

Q. What if someone submits an "abusive" review for a particular Restaurant based on certain personal motivations?

A. We filter all comments and reviews that are posted on our public pages for profane language and irrelevant content. If you think we have missed something that falls into this category, we'd be grateful if you could point us to it.

Q. I am thinking about creating a website for my restaurant on DineHere. However there is one thing I'd like to clarify. It seems like anonymous web surfers can enter comments and reviews on my pages. Do I have any control over what is displayed on the review section of my website?

A. There are only two types of reviews that we will allow on your restaurant pages. Various levels of praise or constructive criticism. Reviews that fall under neither type, will not be shown.
The whole idea about having a website for your business on the DineHere network is to establish an online dialog between you and your customers. You provide your customers with information about your products and services and they tell you about their satisfaction level with them. DineHere acts like a referee ensuring that both parties respect the rules of a honest and open dialog. Think of your review section as a guestbook where your patrons leave their opinions and impressions.

Q. Can I find recipes and nutritional food facts on the items that are listed on some restaurant's pages?

A. Note that some restaurants do not want to share their cooking secrets. It is up to them to provide as much information as they see fit on their pages.

Q. I am selling my restaurant. Do you have a classified section?

A. Yes. Log on to your administration suite and change your restaurant status to indicate "For Sale".

Q. Can we have a section on our pages where we can post help wanted ads? Is there a way for sending us messages though our website?

A. Yes you can post "help wanted" ads along with other special announcements on your notice board section.
Messages sent via the contact [your Restaurant name] link at the bottom part of your pages can be viewed from your administration suite.

Q. You missed Enjoy Pizza & Wings Located at 996 Albion Road. Can you add it?

A. Unfortunately you did not mention the city, zip code or phone number of this restaurant. You may recommend the addition of Enjoy Pizza & Wings if you can supply the complete contact information.

Q. How can I find out more about this restaurant. For example, the dress code, the atmosphere, the menu?

A. You may ask the restaurant management to make this information publicly available by logging on to the DineHere administration suite. It is free for the restaurateurs to add any information about their restaurant by simply editing their restaurant profile.

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